Interviewing students should plan to arrive at 8:30 a.m., or at least 15 minutes before your first scheduled interview. Students who spend the entire day at Teacher Recruitment Day may pick up extra interviews simply by being present at the event. Upon arrival, registered students should pick up a name tag at the Student Registration Table.

Scheduled Interviews

Prior to arriving at the event, each student should receive an outline of the interviews he/she is scheduled to have with registered school systems. This will come from the career center associated with their college/university.

Unscheduled Interviews

Throughout the event, there may be times when a school system has an unexpected opening on their interview schedule and is able to immediately meet with another student. These openings will be announced at the beginning of each interview period.

Student Seminar

Learn from a real education professional on this critical topic. Students may come and go as needed with interview schedules. There will be time for questions and answers throughout the seminar.

Lunch Break

Panera Bread Catering will be provided for employers and students.

Networking Period

This is your opportunity to distribute resumes and interact with employers with whom you were not granted one-on-one interviews. Students, bring extra resumes and plan to spend 2-3 minutes at these employers tables. The Networking Period is not a formal interview, but rather a time to express interest in the school systems. Once you have made a good impression, you may wish to request to meet with the employer during the Bonus Interview at the end of the day. 

Bonus Interview

Employers have the option to interview a student of their choice during the final "Bonus Interview" from
3:00 - 3:30pm. Many students are selected for these interviews during the Networking Period.